Pro Tips
Pro Tips For Stunning Annuals All Summer Long
    There’s nothing quite like the effect of a healthy annual; the delicate aroma, the soft elegant pedals, the abundance of blooms. The versatility and variety of annuals make them a favour...
29 Jun, 2018
Companion Planting
Companion Planting
  We’re all happier when we have friends whose preferences compliment our own, the same goes for plants! Companion planting - pairing different plants together in order to increase their growt...
1 Jun, 2018
Pet Friendly blog
Pet Friendly Plants
If you keep up with us on Facebook, you know that our dog Toby loves running around and exploring our greenhouse! It is important for us to give you information on plants that look great in your ho...
27 Apr, 2018
Succulent Blog
Our Favourite Succulents!
We know that succulents are a very popular indoor and outdoor plant for all seasons. They’re beautiful year round and come in a variety of shapes, colours, and textures! Because of the vast var...
28 Mar, 2018
February Blog
We're Up to Some Serious Planting!
We are so excited to start off our 2018 planting season! Did you know that we plant over 4 million plants every season!? Here’s an inside look at how we fill our greenhouse for the season! Ou...
27 Feb, 2018
snake plant
The Three Best Office Plants to Beat the Winter Blues
It’s that time of year where we find ourselves in the middle of winter longing for our  colourful spring gardens. To get us through the next few months before the arrival of spring, considering ...
25 Jan, 2018
Poinsettia Blog
Caring for your Christmas Plants!
December is a time for celebration, spending time with family, and beautiful Christmas plants! Some of our Christmas favorites are the Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus. We’ve come up with the 4 ...
18 Dec, 2017
Tropicals Blog
How to Keep Tropicals Happy During Winter Months
For tropical plants to survive during cooler months, they must have adequate humidity. Low humidity makes it hard for plants to thrive during cooler months. Tropicals prefer environments with 50% h...
23 Nov, 2017
Landscape blog Image
The 5 Best Plants for Decorating October Pumpkins!
To get into the holiday spirit, here are the five best plants to use to create a unique pumpkin for Halloween! 1. Air Plants Air plants are very versatile and can be used in any type of arrangeme...
20 Oct, 2017
Fall Planting Blog
5 of the Best Fall Gardening Tips you Need to Know
We have 5 great fall gardening tips from pest control to ensuring your perennials not only survive the winter but come back bigger and better than ever!   Shoo fly don't bother me! As we ent...
25 Sep, 2017
Tree Planting blog
Now Is The Perfect Time To Plant Trees And Shrubs
Now Is The Perfect Time To Plant Trees And Shrubs For 2 Reasons For most of us, our yards are a work in progress. Each year more fabulous than the last. For others, in newer areas or in a new home, ...
28 Aug, 2017
Bee Friendly Blog
Building a BEE Friendly Garden: Saving the Bees One Garden at a Time
  BUILDING A BEE-FRIENDLY GARDEN By now you must’ve heard about the global disappearance of honeybees (
26 May, 2017
Cool Weather Plants
The Best Choices for Cool Weather Plants for Spring
For those impatient gardeners that want to garden early, these cool weather plants can weather a cool spring: Perennials: All Perennials Annuals: Artemesia, Canna Lilies, Cordyline, Dracenas, D...
25 Apr, 2017