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Cherry, 1 gal, Juliet

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The Romance Series tart cherries developed at the University of Saskatchewan develop into medium shrubs that make maintenance and harvest easier. They produce an annual crop of flavourful fruit that can be eaten out of hand or processed into preserves, pie filling, juice and wine. Plants are self-fertile and do not require cross pollination.
Juliet is regarded as the best for fresh eating out of the series, has excellent flavour. Ripens early- to mid-August. Moderate vigor with few suckers.


Type: Fruit Shrub
Parentage: Prunus x kerrasis 'Juliet'
Fruit Size: 5.0g
Fruit Colour: Dark red
Height: 2m (6.5 ft.)
Spread: 1.25m (4 ft.)
Zone: 2
Sun Exposure: Full Sun