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Hoya, 6in, Sp.

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This Hoya is a perfect trailing or climbing plant. It's leaves are glossy and waxy in a bright shade of green. Can produce pink/creamy yellow star-shaped flowers. A beautiful addition to any pet-safe collection!


Type: Tropical
Height: Up to 6.5ft long
Spread: Up to 6.5ft long
Light: Bright Indirect
Water: Low
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic. Sap can be an irritant.


General Maintenance: Can be propagated from stem cuttings, but they are very slow to root and grow. Repot once they are overly rootbound. Replace some of the topsoil annually to provide new nurtients and prevent compaction of the soil, if not fully repotting. Prune stems to keep the desired length.

Temperature: Indoor temperatures between 18°C - 24°C are ideal. They do not want to be below 10°C. Avoid drafts and drastic temperature changes.

Light: These plants prefer bright indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can scorch their leaves. Can benefit from early morning sun.

Watering: Water only once the top half of soil is dry. These plants do store some water in their leaves. They are prone to root rot, so don't overwater. Water less in the winter. Will benefit from some extra humidity, but does not like water to sit on its leaves. Provide the humidity by placing in a humid area (like a kitchen or bathroom) or using a humidifier or pebble tray.

Soil: Any well-draining and well-aerated soil will work perfectly. Something with peat and perlite or bark would be ideal.

Fertilizer: Feed with a diluted liquid fertilizer in the spring and summer. Do not fertilize in the winter.