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Pumpkin Tillandsia Planter

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This adorable little Jack O' Lantern Air Plant planter is the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween decor! 

Air plants are a unique type of plant that doesn't require soil to grow. These plants are considered ephiphytes, and some other epiphytic plants include certain hoyas, orchids, and bromeliads!

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Type: Houseplant, Air Plant
Height: 2in - 20in
Spread: 2in - 10in
Light: Bright / Medium Indirect Light
Water: Moderate
Zone: 9-10
Pet Safe: Non Toxic


General Maintenance: Air plants are very easy to care for, though they do require some attention. These plants are best rotated overy couple of days so that they may grow evenly all the way around the plant. Propagation is not easy with these plants, as it is generally done by seed. A Tillandsia that has bloomed may produce 1-3 pups before the mother plant dies off

Temperature: 10 - 33 degrees Celsius. These plants can tolerate short amounts of time in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius, but do not expose to frost or freezing conditions

Light: Tillandsia grow in the canopies of trees and receive very dappled lighting in their natural habitat. Therefore they are not well suited to full sun as they will dry out much faster and their leaves can burn

Watering: Water air plants by putting them in a bowl of water for 5-10 minutes every 3-4 days. These plants will not tolerate drying out completely, but can withstand a minor drought. Misting these plants will not be enough, and should only be done to raise humdity. 

Fertilizer: Air plants do not generally require fertilizer, but if you are trying to encourage blooming you can use a low-nitrogen Bromeliad fertilizer at the start of the growing season. Use a fertilizer that is low in copper as it is actually toxic to them
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