6 Inspiring Christmas Tree Designs for 2021


We have 6 exciting tree designs for you to get inspired from in 2021! Explore our three traditional colour palettes: Gold & Glitter, Red & White, and Silver & Blue or stand out with our 3 themes: Plaid, Enchanted Forrest, and Farmhouse!

Red & White

The red and white color combination is extremely comforting and familiar. However, red and white does not only mean tradition, you can also create a modern décor with red accents! When it comes to creating a perfect red and white Christmas tree, there really are endless options.

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Gold & Glitter

This Gold & Glitter theme is the ultimate in glamour. The combination of two metalic colours really sparkle, and we absolutely adore the mitten garlands on this tree! The LED shimmering starburst projector shines brightly on the Christmas tree making this theme a great choice.

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Silver & Blue

Another staple choice are the traditional colors Silver & Blue. In earlier days, only royalty and the wealthy wore garments dyed blue because of the high cost of pigment. Today, you can enjoy the look of elegance and tradition with this tree.

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Everyone loves Buffalo and Tartan Plaid! The patterns date back to Scotch immigrants in the early 1800s bringing the pattern on blankets. It has since became part of our culture as the quintessential holiday print that never goes out of style.

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Our farmhouse color scheme embodies the earthy tones of a farmhouse setting. Set a casual mood by integrating a soft color palette of antique white, sage green, barn red, and oatmeal into your tree. We especially love the antler garlands on this tree.

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Enchanted Forrest

The Enchanted Forrest is characterized by natural elements such as branches, greenery and wood textures, alongside classic Christmas farmhouse elements. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with this theme.

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