Donation Requests

Here is how we can help: Donation Requests 

Donation Requests

Floral Acres Greenhouse is happy to support the community by providing donations for charity events and local non-profit organizations, children’s schools, sports teams, and religious organizations.

Each year our company allocates a budget to support community activities through contributions made in the form of product from our store or as a gift certificate. No cash donations will be made. Please do not submit a request unless you are interested in one of the two donations we offer.

We will consider supporting events where there are contextual ties to our core business (gardening, families, pets, agriculture, sustainable living, etc.). Please explain the context of your event with us at the time of your request.

To plan ahead, we suggest sending your request between September and February. If we receive your request during this time, we will respond within thirty days. Due to the seasonal nature of our business, donation requests received between April and June may take considerably longer to review and respond.

With the large volume of requests we receive, we are not able to reply to inquiries about the status of individual requests. While we try to fulfill every request, all donation requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and submitting a request does not guarantee you will receive a donation. We will contact you if we wish to donate after receiving a request. Organizations may submit a request once per year.

We require every donation to be picked up by the charity. We will not ship or email the donation directly to you. If a donation is granted, Floral Acres reserves the right to use your organization’s name as a donation recipient in any of our marketing or advertising campaigns.

To submit a donation request, please forward your program information at least six weeks prior to your fundraiser event to give us the time required to consider and process each request with care. Thank you and best of luck with your event!