Christmas Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

It’s time to start thinking about the holiday gift giving season ahead.  Christmas will be here before we know it! 

But first!  Your November garden is looking forward to a few months rest through the winter season. The weather is getting seriously cold.   However, the garden is still alive and a few ‘chores’ need your attention!  Please don’t forget about our feathered friends and clean out your bird houses, and if you haven’t already, fill those feeders and place a small outdoor water heater in the bird bath to make sure they have some open water to drink.


Take an hour or two on a sunny November day to string some Christmas lights through your shrubs, trees, arbors and pergolas.  Hang a suet ball or two in line of sight from your kitchen windows.   We often light up and decorate our front yards but forget about the back yard where we can enjoy the display!  Closer to Christmas put one or two Charlie Brown evergreen trees on the back deck.  Decorate them with lights and wrap the deck railing with lights as well.  On snowy nights, the lights shine through the accumulating snow on the trees and railings, creating a beautiful winter scene.  Set up your heated birdbath on the deck between the trees to enjoy a closer look at the visiting birds.  Include Floral Acres Solar Silver Outdoor Lights Chandelier with Red Snowflakes or their Outdoor Lighted Fabric Stars.    


Indoors its time to start thinking about helping your Christmas Cacti to bud and bloom.  Many plant lovers are often puzzled by their Christmas Cacti refusing to bloom close to Christmas.  Two important rules to follow are letting your cactus dry down about one inch before watering.  Christmas Cacti also need 6 weeks of 12-14 hour darkness at night. Cool night room temperatures may also help.  Do not situate them beside heat vents or drafty doors. After 6 weeks buds should be on the ends of the leafy stems.  When this occurs move your cactus to its chosen location.  Watering frequency will depend on this location and the room temperature.   Christmas Cacti prefer a bright room out of direct sun.  Direct sun may cause the buds and blooms to drop.    

Indoors, it’s time to think about special creative DIY gifts for the avid gardeners on your list.   I would like to recommend the following gift baskets to help spark some creative ideas. 

Microgreen/Herb Gift Basket

Growing microgreens and herbs indoors is a favorite and healthy activity during the winter months.  Both are nutrient rich, provide lots of fresh flavor and you can create a great gift basket that includes decorative pots, sterilized potting mix, seeds, scissors, soil, and the herb plants themselves.  You may also want to include grow lights or an indoor grow light kit.  Some microgreen seeds to include are chives, parsley, broccoli, beets, peas, cilantro and mixed seeds.  Include them in salads, sandwiches and stir-fries.  Basil and parsley microgreens can be added to many dishes. Include a card that contains a link to a great website that provides information on growing microgreens and herbs.


The Garden Gift Stocking

Create a Christmas stocking stuffed with gardening gifts.  Make one yourself or choose from the great selection at Floral Acres.  Along with their name; embroider a floral or evergreen theme on the large stocking.  Fill the stocking with gift cards, small decorative pots, garden row markers, seeds, soap, a small mister bottle, small wind chimes, crystals and rain chains, rain gauge,  fertilizer, garden hand tools, leather garden gloves, an apron and garden themed earrings. Top it off with a stocking hanger.  Really; the list is endless.   



Love My Kitchen Gift Basket

For those gardeners that love their kitchens and cooking, fill a wicker basket or a fabric pot with festive Christmas kitchen gifts.  There are so many to pick from at Floral Acres!  Christmas decorative napkins, fun salt and pepper shakers, Christmas crackers, ceramic measuring cups, bubble magnets for the fridge, table runners, placemats, oven mitts and tea towels.  Beautiful crystal sun catchers to hang in their kitchen window.  Rolling pins, fluted pie dishes and hand-painted stoneware plates. Don’t forget a unique coffee mug or tea cup/container.   Flavored sea salts, spicy spreads and jams, chutney, mustards, Deb’s Dips,  Oh-so-good Soup and Stuff quick breads and soup mixes.  Include a tasteful container to store your favorite honey flavor. 


Give a Gnome a Home Gift Basket

Grab a large decorative ceramic pot and have a great time filling it with all things gnome needing a home.

This fun gift basket can include gnome tree ornaments, resin woodland gnome decor,  gnomes in cars ornaments, ceramic garden gnomes, gnome bottle openers and bottle stoppers, Harley Davidson gnome figurines, mini Gnome World figurines, cheeky gnome statues, solar-powered waving gnome figurines, gnome tea towels,  sun catchers, gnome sweet gnome couple Christmas statue, and an endless assortment of plush gnomes.  These are just a few of the gnome gifts assortment at Floral Acres this Christmas season. 


Fairy Nice Garden Gift Basket

Fairy Gardens are still very popular in the gardening world and a lot of fun to build and display.  A large low ceramic or tin planter pot on a stand will make an impressive container for this unique gift.  The hardest part will be deciding if you want to create the fairy garden or leave that ‘job’ to the gift recipient!  This is the time to include some Christmas or tropical plants as part of the garden. If you do use live plants, bury them pot and all in your display.  Blooming Christmas gift plants may drop their blooms/buds if the root ball is disturbed too much.  As long as they have drainage holes in their pots, all should be fine.  Norfolk pines and poinsettias are favorites for Christmas fairy gardens. Low creeping tropical plants come in very useful as groundcover.   Include pebbles for pathways, tiny gnomes and Mini Christmas Garden Kits available at Floral Acres.  A small birdhouse can easily become a gnome or fairy home.  And don’t forget the mini lights to put some sparkle in your creation!


I'm Glad You’re My Dad Gift Basket

Many men are avid gardeners as well and deserve some pampering this time of year.

For your gift basket container I recommend using a Gardening Tool Bag with lots of pockets.

Use the pockets to hold assorted gardening hand tools and a great pair of pruners.  Dads always need socks, wallets, and toiletries such as Thistle and Black Pepper Shampoo Bar, Moisturizer, All-In-One Wash and Beard Oil.  Corkcicle Sports Jugs and Canteens will be greatly appreciated on those hot summer days.  A Master Gardener Gift Membership is always welcome too!


My favorite Christmas piece at Floral Acres this year is the Flower Pot Mug and Saucer w/Shovel in assorted colors.  This is a meaningful and practical gift for gardeners of all ages and makes a great exchange gift at the office. 


Other practical and fun gifts for gardeners are a Saskatoon Horticulture Society Membership and a horticulture class or two at They offer live online courses for a very reasonable price and some are free.  


Floral Acres offers wonderful gift options for gardeners (and the non-gardener alike).  A gift certificate to Floral Acres is always a favorite gift along with a Master Gardener yearly Membership. Please peruse their website for more information on both and while you are there do some Christmas shopping.  Their online shopping site is full of unique and useful items for the gardener.  Priscilla’s Boutique carries decadent gifts for both men and women – jewelry, handbags, winter clothing accessories, food items, home decor – the list goes on and on. They also offer free delivery! Even better, take a drive and see for yourself!

Have a wonderful Christmas shopping season!

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