Five Reasons to Plant Your Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

Fall can be the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs.

Usually we gardeners see fall as a time of slowing down somewhat and really not thinking about planting anything else for the season. But as many of us have learned, fall can be the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs.

    1. Fall planting is usually done in September and October. Long after the air temperatures begin to drop, the soil remains warm which stimulates root growth. The more roots a newly planted tree or shrub can put out in fall, the better equipped it is to endure the winter and be off to a great start in the spring.


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    2. With cool fall weather and shorter day length, the upper growth of a tree/shrub slows as well. A newly planted tree/shrub experiences less stress as it is now free to concentrate on growing new roots instead of both upper and lower growth.

    3. Less water is needed after planting in the fall.  Natural rains occur and without the leaves pulling up water from the root system, a tree/shrub will use less water after planting.

    4. This is the perfect time to see the fall color of your tree or shrub!  You can also take advantage of fall sales at Floral Acres.

      Photo: Saskatoon Shrub Fall Color -
    5. Fall planted trees/shrubs should not be pruned at time of planting.  Pruning in fall stimulates new growth which is something you don’t want going into winter dormancy.    Take this time to research the pruning requirements of your plant during subsequent seasons.

    We do not recommend fertilizing your newly planted tree/shrub.  You can, however, use a rooting hormone in the backfill soil or water to further encourage root growth.  

    Trees and shrubs which provide 4 season interest to consider when planting in fall:

    Trees: Amur Cherry, Mountain Ashes and Ornamental Crabs

    Shrubs:  Red – Leaved Rose, Saskatoons, Arctic Fire Dogwood, Red Osier Dogwood and Diablo Ninebark.

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