Whats Hot in 2020-Your Guide to New Perennial Varieties!

2020 is bringing your garden a new and exciting list of perennials. Here are five perennials that will add some new texture, color and pizazz to your landscape!

Perennial Plant of the Year - 2020
Aralia cordata Sun King
Zone 3-9
Photo: FineFoliage

A versatile, yellow, leafy perennial that resembles a shrub in appearance. Grow this beauty in full sun to full shade.  Expect lime green leaves in full shade.  This is a fast growing perennial that tolerates most soil conditions – even sandy and clay locations.  Mature height is 29-35 in. with a spread of 29-35 in.  Late summer brings spikes of tiny white flowers followed by inedible purple berries. This plant should be kept moist and is best suited to woodland landscapes.  Another bonus is that it is deer resistant!  Beautiful planted with reds,blues and oranges.  

Hosta of the Year – 2020
Hosta Dancing Queen
‍‍Zone 3-8
Photo: Vanstone Nuseries 
A large hosta that emerges bright yellow in the spring! The leaves have ruffled edges which become lime green in the shade.  Grow this beauty in part sun to shade.  This hosta produces lavender 28 in. flower scapes in summer which attract hummingbirds. Provide a moist, rich soil and you will be rewarded with a mature sizeof 22 in. in height by a 40 in. spread. The broad yellow leaves contrast nicely with ferns and shade perennials such as sweet woodruff.
Sedum rupestre Sunsparkler Dream Dazzler
Photo: Proven Winners
From Proven Winners comes a unique and gorgeous sedum that is worthy of the name Dream Dazzler!   Zone 4-9,  but worthy of a try in our climate in perennial beds or as a filler in succulent containers.  Mature height of 8 in. and a spread of 12-18 in.  This sedum has fleshy leaves that are dark purple in color with hot pink edges. It is best grown in full sun where it can show off it beautiful color.  Dream Dazzler produces large magenta pink flower heads which attract butterflies and hummingbirds in the summer and fall.  Water newly planted sedum regularly until established.  In subsequent years it will tolerate some drought. Does best without fertilizer and is free of insect and disease problems.  

Mukgenia s. Nova Flame
Zone 3-9
One look at this outstanding perennial and you will want 3 or more!  As the picture indicates it has the pink flowers of Bergenia crossed with the jagged leaf edges and fall color of Mukdenia Crimson Fans.  The fleshy leaves last longer in fall than Bergenia which is an added bonus.  Height 8 in. with a 14 in. spread.  Flowers in April, May and June.  Nova Flame is not drought tolerant but do let it dry out somewhat between waterings. Be careful not to bury the crown of this plant when transplanting.  

Asiatic Lily Secret Kiss
Photo: VanNoort
This hardy Asiatic Lily features blooms that are a dark purple black in color.  The stems are also black which contrast nicely with orange, yellow or white lily varieties.  Reaching a mature height of 36 in., this lily should be grown in full to part sun. Flowering occurs in summer but the blooms do not produce a fragrance.  Lilies need a rich, organic soil which is loose and well-draining. Fertilize with an all -purpose flowering perennial fertilizer when shoots and flower buds appear.  Slow release fertilizer can also be used instead  at time of planting.  Deadhead flowers as soon as the petals begin to drop.  This forces the plant to take in energy for next year through it’s leaves instead of producing seeds.  When the plant turns brown and dies naturally, cut the stem off  at ground level.  ‍
These are just 5 of the outstanding perennial varieties offered at Floral Acres during spring and summer 2020.  Our knowledgeable perennial staff will help you find that perfect one for that special garden space!  

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