Eight Must-Have Gardening Apps We Love to Boost Productivity!

Although gardening is something everyone can do, it’s a passion that needs patience and perseverance in order to walk the path of progression. This is where technology can be your best friend and save you hours of painful trials and errors.

So if you want to know what it takes to be born with a green thumb, you need to put your thumb to good use and make use of these amazing gardening apps to boost your productivity.

Eden Garden Designer

Using its extensive plant library packed with magnificent photorealistic renditions of perennials and annuals, you can drag and drop plants into the right places and even see how your yard’s look will shift throughout the seasons.


This ultimate electronic field guide features a data bank packed with high-resolution images of trees’ leaves, fruits, flowers, and bark samples curated with help from the Smithsonian.

So if you ever come across a plant variety that you would love to add to your personal gardening space, Leafsnap will definitely have your back.

Sprout It 

Sprout It’s primary interface is divided into three tabs:

Plants;  Your garden;  Your profile

The plant database will give you detailed growing and maintenance information on over 21 plants. 

Landscaper’s Companion

Once you’ve picked your favored topic of interest, the app will direct you to a drop down information page that introduces you to a beautifully comprehensive set of visual plant listings. After you have selected the plant you need information on, Landscaper’s Companion will unveil a treasure of essential details to make your gardening initiative as effortless as possible.

Essential Garden Guide

You can explore everything related to the planting, pest control, disease identification, and general upkeep of over 30 common garden vegetables and 8 garden fruits to ensure a grand harvest worth throwing a party for every year.

Garden Time Planner 

Beginners will learn the A to Z of gardening basics covering everything from the sowing, transplanting, and harvesting schedule for different varieties of plants. The fully automated notification system of Garden Time Planner ensures that you are constantly up to date with the maintenance of your garden.

Garden Guide HD

One of Garden Guide HD’s best features is the Type searching function that facilitates the option of effortlessly browsing through categories of annuals, ferns, fruits, and much more.

Garden Compass

Thanks to a hip, trendy, and above all else, FREE app known as Garden Compass, you can polish your gardening knowledge bank and do your garden proud effortlessly.

One of the most popular features of this app is its cool plant and pest identification feature that allows you to take a picture of an unknown plant or pest, email it to the Garden Compass team members who will personally address your queries as soon as possible.

In Summary

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but no piece of cake. It takes a great deal of professionalism and effort to create and nurture your dream garden. So you shouldn’t hesitate to take as much help as you can, especially when it’s minimal in investment and maximizes your green productivity at the same time.

The right app can take your gardening skills to the next level in a quarter of the time you would spend figuring things out for yourself.

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