Top 5: Herbs to Grow in the Winter

Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying fresh home grown herbs. Spice up your kitchen by moving your herbs indoors!



A very easy to grow herb that should produce all winter and be ready to plant in your garden next spring. Find a sunny spot for this light-lover and turn the plant for even growth. To harvest, snip off entire stalks near the base of the plant, then strip off the leaves into your dishes.




An aromatic and decorative herb, that is great to have on hand during the holidays for a wide variety of festive dishes. Buy a nursery-grown plant and pot in dry soil or a mixture of soil and coarse sand. Snip back stalks with scissors as desired - you can even get fancy and trim your Rosemary plant into a Christmas tree shape.




The key to growing basil indoors is helping it get as much sun as possible and keeping the soil moist, yet well-drained.The best way to harvest while encouraging your plants to flourish is to pinch off a few leaves from each plant, rather than taking all leaves from one plant.  During the dark winter months, place the plant in the sunniest spot in your house.




 A herb that many associate with spring, but they can be grown indoors all winter. One of the easiest herbs to grow indoors, chives are ready to be chopped when they reach 6 to 12 inches. To harvest, snip off bunches close to the base of the plant with scissors.The purple flowers that chives produce are edible and delicious in salads, with a garlic-y flavour and crunchy texture.



Tiny, flavour-packed leaves come in a ton of different varieties.Thyme grows best when it gets 6 hours of sun per day. To harvest snip off stalks near the base of the Thyme plant. You can enjoy it all winter, then plant in your garden next spring.


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