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Alocasia, 4in, Silver Dragon

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Admired for its exotic silvery-green leaves with prominent venation that reminds of the mythical dragon scales, this plant is an all-time favorite among gardeners and houseplant lovers. Alocasia Silver Dragon is not only gorgeous, but it is also very easy to grow and care for. 


Type: Tropical Perennial
Height: 12in - 36in
Spread: 8in - 20in
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe: These plants are toxic to pets if ingested. 


General Maintenance: These can be repotted every spring into a pot one size bigger, if it's become very root bound. This plant is usually propagated by dividing when it is being repotted.

Temperature: This plant is quite partial to warmer temperatures, try to maintain temperatures between 18º - 24º Celsius. 

Light: Ensure that your plant has bright light, but not direct sunlight. During the summer, ensure it has a fair amount of shade during part of the day, as long as your home is warm/humid enough. These plants can tolerate a bit more or less sun but will do their best in partial, filtered light. 

Watering: Water in small amounts, but often. Ensure the soil remains consistently moist. Water much less during the winter. These plants also enjoy above-average humidity levels, so consider using a tray filled with water and pebbles underneath your plant or use a humidifier. 

Soil: Use a fast draining, peat-based potting mix. 

Fertilizer: Utilize a diluted, balanced fertilizer every two weeks from spring until the end of August.