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Aloe, 4in, Tiki Tahi

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Aloe Vera Tiki Tahi has dark green, stiff foliage with white bands in unique and attractive patterns.


Type: Tropical Succulent
Height: 9in - 12in
Spread: 12in - 18in
Zone: 10 - 12
Pet Safe: Can be moderately toxic to pets


General Maintenance: Carefully remove side-shoots when they are large enough to handle, cutting them away from the parent plant. Make sure they have some root, and re-pot.

Temperature: 21° - 26° Celsius is the ideal temperature range for these plants. 

Light: Prefers bright, indirect light. 

Watering: Water very sparingly, only when the soil has completely dried. 

Soil: Use a cactus mix, or something with similar drainage. 

Fertilizer: Use a liquid fertilizer about once a month during the growing season.