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Aloe, 8in, Neon Nici

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The Neon Nici aloe is an attractive blue/green with dappled creamy white spots on the leaves, bordered with rust orange raised spots on the border of each leaf.

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Type: Tropical
Height: 8in - 10in
Spread: 12in - 18in
Light: Bright indirect
Water: Low
Zone: 9b - 11b
Pet Safe: Toxic. Keep away from pets and children.


General Maintenance: Repot when rootbound. Can propagate by cutting any offsets (ensuring there is some root included) and planting them.

Temperature: This aloe can withstand temperatures down to 10°C, and as high as 30°C. Ideal temperature is between 21°C to 23°C.

Light: Bright indirect is ideal. A southern facting window is perfect, or a few feet back from a west facing window.

Watering: Water thoroughly once the soil is completely dry. Water less during the winter months.

Fertilizer: Can fertilize every couple of months during the growing season (May to Aug).

Soil: Use cactus mix, or any other potting mix that is well draining.
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