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Aloe, 8in, Snow Queen - Floral Acres Greenhouse & Garden Centre

Aloe, 8in, Snow Queen

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The Aloe Snow Queen is a beautiful plant with stripes dashing down the leaves. Rich green leaves grow tall and thin and this aloe produces pups vigorously when it's thriving.

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Type: Tropical
Height: 12in - 24in
Spread: 12in - 18in
Light: Bright indirect
Water: Low
Zone: 9b - 11b
Pet Safe: Toxic. Keep away from pets and children.


General Maintenance: Repot when rootbound. Pups can be cut off (carefully to ensure some root remains) and potted themselves.

Temperature: Ideal temperatures are within 21°C to 23°C, but this plant can tolerate some fluctuation in either direction.

Light: Bright indirect is ideal. The best place is in a southern or western facing window.

Watering: Water sparingly. Once the soil is completely dry, water thoroughly. Water less in the winter.

Fertilizer: Can fertilize every couple months during the growing season (May to Aug).

Soil: Cactus mix, or any other potting soil that is well-draining.