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Aralia, 4in, Aralia Balfour Variegated

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This Aralia variety has large, saucer-shaped leaves that are dark green with a cream-coloured vareigation. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 36in - 48in
Spread: 8in - 16in
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe: Toxic to pets


General Maintenance: Does not require any specific care, and it typically fairly low maintenance. Repot your plant into a pot one size larger, in the spring, once the roots begin to rise above the soil level.

Temperature: Maintain temperatures above 21 ° Celsius. Lower temperatures may cause leaves to drop and growth to be stunted. 

Light: Medium to bright indirect light is ideal. 

Watering: Be careful not to overwater. Allow the first few inches of soil to dry between watering. For best results, filter or distill your water.

Soil: Any well-draining, high quality potting soil works well. 

Fertilizer: Use a diluted houseplant fertilizer once a month from early spring to fall. Do not fertilize in the winter.