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Bonsai, 10in, Ficus Oriental

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Ficus Orientalis a cultivar of the Ficus Benjamina, specially selected for its desirable characteristics. This specific variety has shiny, narrow, pointed foliage. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 12in - 24in
Spread: 12in - 36in
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe:


General Maintenance: Prune your ficus to keep a consistent shape and form and to encourage a bushier appearance. Do most of your pruning in the winter while the plant is dormant. Repot to a larger pot once roots become visible around the drainage holes of the pot. Transplant the ficus in the early evening to give it a chance to recover from transplanting before receiving sunlight.

Temperature: Does well in temperatures between 15° - 30° Celsius.

Light: Prefers partial to full sun

Watering: Water once soil becomes dry to the touch, and thoroughly water until water comes from the bottom of the pot. Allowing the plant to get too dry may lead to leaves dropping. Will do better if humidity is fairly high.

Soil: Does well in any general houseplant soil mix. 

Fertilizer: Fertilize once a month, during the growing season, with a balanced liquid fertilizer.