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Bonsai, 6in, Aralia Snowflake

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The Aralia Snowflake has beautiful structured leaves reminiscent of their namesake. The leaves are also 'frosted' with a silvery sheen over its fern-like, feathery foliage. Aralias are a very visually complex plant that are sure to make a statement in any home.

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Type: Tropical / Houseplant 
Height: 6ft
Spread: 3-4ft
Light: Partial Shade
Water: Sparingly, High Humidity
Zone: 11 -12
Pet Safe: Mildly Toxic, keep away from children and pets


Temperature: Temperature is very important for Aralias. Keep it between 18°C and 29°C. Anything below 16°C will cause it to drop its foliage.

Light: Aralia like bright, indirect light and can handle light shade. Allowing the plant to get morning sun is good, but it should never be kept in direct sunlight during the harsher afternoon hours, as the rays can scorch its fragile foliage. Aim for about 6 to 8 hours of filtered light a day. They do especially well in North-facing windows.

Watering: It's important to keep it consistently moist, but never saturated. Water the soil deeply and allow it to almost dry out before watering again. A pebble tray or misting may be required between waterings.

Fertilizer: Feed Aralias monthly with a liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season (May to Aug).

Soil: A rich, but well-drained, soil mixture to help balance its need for moisture with its fragile, rot-prone roots. While the specific blend of soil can vary, drainage should be priority. Choose a pot that can breathe such as clay or terracotta.
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