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Calathea, 6in, Lancifolia

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Calathea Lancifolia also known as the Rattlesnake Plant is a perfect houseplant for pattern lovers who like to decorate wild. Its bright green, wavy leaves are striped with alternating ovals of dark green and accented by a rich purple underside. The plant gets its name from its lance-shaped foliage, and the leaves grow more elongated as the plant matures.


Type: Tropical / Herbacious Perennial
Height: Up to 24in
Spread: 18in - 24in
Light: Part-Shade to Full-Shade
Water: Medium
Zone: 11-12
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


Temperature: Room temperatures that average 18-24ºC and no lower than 15ºC. Avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes.

Light: A good bright spot within a room without direct sunlight is advised. Too much direct sun will cause issues.

Watering: During the growing season ( May - Aug) water frequently. Always keep the soil moist (not waterlogged). During the winter cut this down and only water when the top soil has become dry to the touch.

Fertilizer: Use a balanced feed to encourage the foliage to look healthy and more attractive. Feed once a month from April - August.