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Calathea, 6in, Roseopicta

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Calathea Roseopicta, or the Rose-Painted Calathea, has a clump forming habit and dark green leaves with a bright pink ribbing that fades to white as the plant matures. 


Type: Tropical
Height: 24in - 30in
Spread: 24in - 26in
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic and Pet Friendly 


General Maintenance: Overall, a very low maintenance and simple house plant. As your plant grows you may have to repot, or if you prefer the plant can be easily split in halves or fourths and propagated. 

Temperature: Prefers 18-24° Celsius, will not tolerate lower than 15°. Avoid sudden drafts or temperature changes. 

Light: Average light needs, prefers indirect as too much direct light can damage the leaves. 

Watering: Water frequently during spring & summer. Keep the soil evenly moist and avoid it drying out. In the winter cut watering back and only water when the top layer of the soil becomes dry. Utilize a pebble tray filled with water or a humidifier to keep your plant moist. 

Soil: Prefers a soil with medium drainage qualities that can retain some of the moisture from watering. Replenish the top soil in the spring to replenish your plants supply of nutrients. 

Fertilizer: Feed once a month with a balanced liquid feed to encourage new growth and retain your plants vibrant colours. Feed once a month from April to August.