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Croton, 8in, Petra

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Croton Petra is an easy to grow houseplant with variegated foliage covered in green, red, orange, and yellow splotches. This plant has an upright growth habit and is a great addition to any home or office. 


Type: Tropical / Evergreen Shrub
Height: Typically grows up to 3ft, but can grow up to 8ft in the right conditions.
Spread: 3ft - 6ft
Zone: 10 - 12
Pet Safe: Moderately toxic to humans and pets. 


General Maintenance: This plant is often not happy with being moved around, so if it drops a few leaves when you bring it home that is normal, just do your best to follow the care instructions and it should recover in no time. These plants are dust magnets and can require a bit of regular clean up with a damp cloth. 

Temperature: Prefers temperatures around 15° - 22° Celsius. Keep away from drafts or windows in the winter. 

Light: Partial to Full Sun. Prefers a fairly bright spot as it needs plenty of light (4-6 hours a day if possible) to produce its brightly coloured leaves. 

Watering: When the soil has dried out, water thoroughly until water flows from the bottom of your pot. They do not require excessive watering, but will start to drop leaves if they are too dry. Wilting typically means the plant has been overwatered. Crotons appreciate a fair amount of humidity, so misting your plant once a week or placing it in a well-lit bathroom will help it flourish. 

Soil: Well-drained, humus rich soil is preferred. 

Fertilizer: Use a general houseplant fertilizer once in early spring, once in early summer, and again in mid-summer. Do not feed in fall or winter.