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Delta Dawn Aloe, 8in

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This dwarf aloe is very colourful! The tones can vary from pinks to oranges/yellows to greens. They can bloom in the spring with coral coloured flowers.


Type: Tropical
Height: 6in - 8in
Spread: 6in - 8in
Light: Bright Direct or Bright Indirect
Water: Low
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe: Toxic


General Maintenance: Repot in the spring as needed. Bright light will help to maintain their intense colours.

Temperature: Aloes prefer warm temperatures. Household temperatures should be fine, as long as they are not near an area that is drafty or has a lot of temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

Light: Give bright light throughout the day. If indoors, direct sun or partial sun is fine. If outdoors, give dappled shade to prevent leaf scorching.

Watering: Give a thorough watering once it is completely dry. Do not let sit in water as they will rot. Avoid getting water in the rosettes.

Soil: Any well-draining soil is perfect. Cactus soil would work well.