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Dieffenbachia, 10in, Panther

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A great air purifier, Dieffenbachia Panther has large green leaves, with white centers and plenty of yellow-green speckles of the outter portion of the leaves. This plant is easy to care for and can handle neglect better than most. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 3ft - 6ft
Spread: 2ft - 3ft 
Zone: 11 - 12
Pet Safe: Toxic to pets if ingested. 


General Maintenance: Check the roots every spring, and if the plants roots have become quite dense, repot into a larger pot. Propagates best by new growth cuttings or by breaking off young stems growing from the sides of the plant. 

Temperature: Ideal indoor temperatures for this plant are between 18º - 23º Celsius, but it is known to handle temperatures between 4º - 35º. Regular room humidity is fine for this plant. 

Light: Prefers a bright space with indirect light, but can tolerate up to full shade. Direct sun will damage the foliage. 

Watering: Keep the top inch of the soil moist at all times. This plant can tolerate some periods of neglect, but the leaves will begin to wilt and shrivel. 

Soil: This plant will grow fairly well in most soil mixes other than sand-heavy mixes or orchid mixes. For best results use a one-to-one mix of potting soil and perlite. 

Fertilizer: If you choose to, you may use a full strength mixture of a balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season. Be wary of overfertilizing as that can cause the plants leaves to start to droop.