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Dieffenbachia, 6in, Perfection Compacta

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A great air purifier, Dieffenbachia Perfection Compacta has medium sized dark green leaves heavily speckled with creamy yellow around their leaves centers. This plant is easy to care for and can handle neglect better than most. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: Typically 30in - 42in indoors, but can grow up to 4ft - 5ft if given the space and care. 
Spread: 8in - 16in 
Zone: 11 - 12
Pet Safe: Can cause swelling of the tongue and throat if ingested, which can lead to suffocation in rare cases. Keep out of reach of curious pets and children. 


General Maintenance: If you intend to move your plant at all, let the soil dry first which will allow the plant to survive the handling process a little better. Check the roots every spring, and if the plants roots have become quite dense, repot into a larger pot. Propagates best by new growth cuttings or by breaking off young stems growing from the sides of the plant. 

Temperature: Ideal indoor temperatures for this plant are between 18º - 23º Celsius, but it is known to handle temperatures between 4º - 35º. Regular room humidity is fine for this plant. 

Light: Prefers a bright space with indirect light, but can tolerate up to full shade. Direct sun will damage the foliage. 

Watering: Keep the top inch of the soil moist at all times. This plant can tolerate some periods of neglect, but the leaves will begin to wilt and shrivel. 

Soil: This plant will grow fairly well in most soil mixes other than sand-heavy mixes or orchid mixes. For best results use a one-to-one mix of potting soil and perlite. 

Fertilizer: If you choose to, you may use a full strength mixture of a balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season. Be wary of overfertilizing as that can cause the plants leaves to start to droop.