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Fern, 6in, Staghorn

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Staghorn ferns are super unique and striking plants.  They display silvery-blue leaves with a velvety texture.  The most interesting thing about them is that in their natural habitat they anchor themselves to tree branches and absorb all neccessary nutrients through their leaves.  Because of this, they do not actually need soil to live in our homes, and they can be mounted to a variety of objects such as driftwood, or wood plaques.


Type: Tropical  
Height: 12in - 36in
Spread: 6in - 24in
Zone: 8
Pet Safe: Toxic to pets if ingested.


General Maintenance: Repot when your plant becomes rootbound, to a pot 2-3 inches larger.  Do not allow to dry out, or the leaves will get crispy.  Propagate by division.  You may be tempted to remove the green or brown section that sits just above the soil, but don't do it!  This is where they store a lot of their nutrients, and you can cause major stress to your plant by removing it.  

Temperature: Thrives in normal household temperatures, between 15º-26º Celsius.   Keep away from drafts and drastic temperature changes.  Ferns love high humidity, so they will greatly appreciate a pebble tray, humidifier, or being misted.

Light: Bright indirect light is ideal.  Direct sun may scorch the leaves.  They can tolerate slightly lower light conditions, but will grow at a slower rate.

Watering: Keep soil evenly moist, but not soaked.  Water when the top 1-2 inches of the soil are dry to the touch.  Ensure your pot has adequate drainage to avoid the roots sitting in excess water.

Soil: Any well-draining potting mix will work.

Fertilizer: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half the recommended strength, once every 3 weeks during the growing season.