Hibiscus, 10in, Standard
Hibiscus, 10in, Standard
Hibiscus, 10in, Standard
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Hibiscus, 10in, Standard

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Take a vacation to the tropics without leaving your home! The Hibiscus bush is sure to bring a tropical feel to any place you put it, with its gorgeous pink flowers that we all know and love.

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Type: Tropical
Height: 4ft - 10ft
Spread: 5ft - 8ft
Light: Full Sun to Bright Indirect
Water: Moderate to High
Zone: 9 - 11
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance: Can be placed outside on a warm patio or deck in the summer months. Prune back in the fall and remove any buds it produces in the winter. It prefers pots that are wide, but shallow (or it will spend much more time promoting root growth rather than flowering). Repot every 1-2 years.

Temperature: Thrives between 12°C to 21°C. Make sure it does not drop below 10°C. Prolonged periods above 30°C can cause it to drop buds or leaves.

Light: Indoors, this plant will prefer some direct sun (at least 2-3 hours per day). Outdoors, it will prefer partial shade. If you find the plant is not producing buds or flowers, try giving it more light.

Watering: Water once the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry. This plant does not like to completely dry out, but it also does not want to be waterlogged. If it is dropping leaves, give it more water. If it has leaves that are yellowing, give it less. Mist daily if your home is particularly dry.

Soil: A well-draining, organic potting mix is best.

Fertilizer: Feed regularly with a diluted fertilizer.
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