Mangave, 6in, Red Wing

Mangave, 6in, Red Wing

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Mangave Red Wing is known for its deep red colouration on its succulent leaves. The rigid, lance-shaped leaves are edged with short cream coloured teeth and tipped with cinnamon spines. 


Type: Tropical / Perennial Succulent 
Height: 16in - 18in
Spread: 24in - 26in
Zone: 9 - 11
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance: This is an easy to take care of plant that requires little to no maintenance. Repot once the plant has grown to the point that you can not see any of the top of the soil, or if it becomes particularly root bound.

Temperature: Ideal growing temperature is 20° - 24° Celsius, but will survive in the winters as long as temps remain above 15°. Avoid sudden drafts or cold windowsills. 

Light: Full sun. Prefers about 6 hours of direct sun everyday. 

Watering: Low water needs. Water once a week or so during the summer/growing season. During the winter leave mostly dry. Drought tolerant once established. 

Soil: Prefers a dry to average soil that is well-drained. Sandy and loamy soils work well. 

Fertilizer: Use a half-strength fertilizer sparingly during the growing season. Do not overfeed.