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Oxalis, 3.5in, Francis

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Oxalis Francis, also known as Purple Shamrock, is a bulb plant with a fast growing habit and bright purple triangular shaped leaves. Light lavender blooms appear in summer to fall. 


Type: Tropical Bulb/Perennial
Height: Up to 16in
Spread: 12in - 15in
Zone: 7-10
Pet Safe: Can be toxic if large amounts are ingested by pets or humans, but the bitter taste of the plant is often a deterrent. 


General Maintenance: These bulb plants can be stored out of direct sun when dormant. Remove spent flowers to encourage new growth. 

Temperature: Ensure temperatures are maintained above 5° Celsius. 

Light: Partial Shade, direct sun will damage the leaves. 

Watering: Keep soil evenly moist. Water once the soil is visibly dry, and water until the soil is thoroughly wet and water starts to trickle out the bottom of your pot. Prefers up to 50% humidity but can easily tolerate much less.

Soil: Average soil needs, well-drained. 

Fertilizer: Light feeder, use a 1/4tsp of fertilizer per gallon of water once a month. Use a balanced or blooming fertilizer. Stop fertilizing in winter or if plant is dormant.