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Pachira, 6in, Money Tree Braid

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Money Trees are best known for their symbolism of bringing good fortune and good luck.  Their brown woody trunks are often braided to create a unique tree trunk look.  Emerging from the top of the trunks are very thin stems with hand-shaped compound leaves, consisting of up to 9 leaflets, in a deep green colour.


Type: Tropical 
Height: 3ft - 6ft 
Spread: 1ft - 3ft 
Zone: 10-12
Pet Safe: Mildly toxic to pets if ingested (may cause upset stomach).


General Maintenance: It is crucial to provide money trees with very well-draining soil and pots.  Remove any brown leaves as neccessary with clean scissors.  Can be propagated by rooting cuttings.

Temperature: Thrives in normal household temperatures, between 15º-26º Celsius.  Prolonged exposure to temps below 10º Celsius may result in cold damage.  Keep away from drafts and drastic temperature changes.

Light: Bright indirect light is ideal.  Direct sun can cause the leaves to be scorched.  Can do quite well in lower light but growth will be slowed.

Watering: Water thoroughly, until water is running though the bottom of the pot, then allow the soil to dry out entirely before watering again.  Money Trees store a lot of water in their trunk, so they do not need to be watered very often.  They are also prone to root rot, so you have to be cautious not to overwater.

Soil: A sandy, peat-based soil is ideal for these plants.  Avoid heavy soils, that will hold moisture for long periods of time.  Ensure your pot has adequate drainage to avoid issues with root rot.

Fertilizer: Feed once a month in spring and summer with a water soluable houseplant fertilizer.