Palm, 10in, Chinese Fan
Palm, 10in, Chinese Fan
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Palm, 10in, Chinese Fan

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Chinese Fan Palms are one of the hardiest palm varieties for growing indoors.  The leaves grow in curcular, segemented fans, and display various shades of green.  They are a multi-stem variety, giving them a full, bushy look.  They are low-maintenance and excellent air purifiers.


Type: Tropical 
Height: 6ft - 8ft 
Spread: 3ft - 5ft 
Zone: 9
Pet Safe: Safe for pets.


General Maintenance: Palms do not like to have their roots disturbed, so only repot if the plant has become rootbound.  Trim browned leaves as neccessary.

Temperature: Will thrive in normal household temperatures, but prefer to be kept in a space above 18º Celsius.  Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 10º Celsius may cause cold damage.

Light: Needs plenty of sunlight for optimal growth.  Right next to a South or West facing window is the ideal spot for this palm.  Can tolerate slightly lower light, but will not grow nearly as fast.

Watering: Water evenly about once a week.  They store alot of water in their trunks, allowing them to tolerate short periods of drought, but their leaves will start to brown if they are left dry for too long.  Palms love high humidity and will greatly appreciate a humidifier nearby, and/or being misted.

Soil: A well draining potting mix, with added sand to improve drainage is a great mixture for this palm.  Avoid heavy/muddy soils as they may cause root rot issues.

Fertilizer: Feed with a slow-release fertilizer (Ideally a 15-5-15 ratio or something similar) once in the spring, and once in the summer.