Palm, 6in, Areca
Palm, 6in, Areca
Palm, 6in, Areca
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Palm, 6in, Areca

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The Areca Palm is a beautiful, easy care houseplant that is also a natural air cleaner. Their bamboo like fronds protrude from smooth, sometimes golden, trunks. 

This plant has a representative product photo and the item you will receive may not be exactly as shown.


Type: Tropical / Evergreen Houseplant / Perennial
Height: 6ft - 7ft, but can grow much larger in the right conditions. 
Spread: 2ft - 3ft indoors, but can grow much larger. 
Zone: 10 - 11
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic and Pet Friendly


General Maintenance: These plants do not like to be disturbed, so, only repot if the plant has become pot bound. Only trim or prune if the entire frond has died as trimming tips can often inhibit growth. 

Temperature: An average warmth of 18° Celsius and above is ideal. Do not let temps drop below 10° at night. 

Light: Full sun preferred. This palm enjoys a bright room with as much direct sun as it can get. 

Watering: Watering weekly until water runs from the bottom of your pot is a good practice, but do your best not to over do it. Ensure the roots have good drainage. Enjoys an occasional misting to improve humidity. 

Soil: Any average potting mix will work fine. 

Fertilizer: Use a diluted liquid plant feed once every two weeks from spring to fall. 
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