Palm, 6in, Sago
Palm, 6in, Sago
Palm, 6in, Sago
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Palm, 6in, Sago

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The Sago Palm actually isn't a true palm tree! It is a low-growing plant with long green fronds, known as a cycad, a group of ancient tropical and subtropical plants that usually grow from a trunk that doesn't branch out. It can produce nuts and is native to warm parts of Japan and southern China.

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Type: Tropical
Height: 3 ft - 10 ft
Spread: 3 ft - 10 ft
Light: Bright Indirect
Water: Moderate to Low
Zone: 9 - 10
Pet Safe: Toxic to humans and pets


General Maintenance: The Sago Palm likes humidity so you will want to incorporate misting into your care routine. Use clean water from a spray bottle. Or set the plant container on a tray filled with water and pebbles. Avoid allowing the bottom of the pot to touch the water, to prevent root rot.

Temperature: It is best to never allow your Sago Palm to be exposed to temperatures below zero, as these plants like it warm! Ideally, somewhere around 23 degrees Celsius is best.

Light: While these palms need a warm and bright environment, harsh sunlight can damage the foliage. Place them in a location with plenty of bright indirect light, as too much shade will result in sparse leaves.

Watering: Sensitive to overwatering and poorly draining soil, so allow the soil to dry out up to 50% before watering again. Ensure your pot has ample drainage holes. An unglazed terra cotta pot could also help.

Soil: A well draining, sandy soil that is rich in organic matter will keep your Sago Palm happiest. A cactus mix potting soil can work well.

Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly during the growing season (spring to fall) with a liquid fertilizer, using an 18-8-18 ratio (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium), mixed according to the package directions.
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