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Passion Fruit, 10in, Possom Purple - Floral Acres Greenhouse & Garden Centre

Passion Fruit, 10in, Possom Purple

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One of the most delicious fruits that come from a garden are passion fruits. With their sweet, decadent flavour and juicyness what more could anyone ask for! These plants grow purple fruits and stunning tendrilled purple and white flowers. These are also excellent butterfly attractants. 


Type: Tropical, Fruit Bearing, Houseplant
Height: 1ft - 6ft
Spread: 1ft - 3ft
Light: Bright, Full Sun
Water: Moderate
Zone: 5-8
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance: For best fruiting, pick ripe berries as they appear, don't let them stay on the vines any longer than necessary. You want to pick them so the plants grow more!

Temperature: Indoor tempuratures will allow this plant to thrive, keep between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius

Light: Full sun or Bright direct light. This plant will do best if in front of a bright South or East facing window

Watering: Water when the top 1in of soil is dry, do not let them dry out completely

Fertilizer: Fertilize once every 2-3 weeks with a diluted balanced liquid fertilizer

Soil: They will do best in a well-draining soil, keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged