Peperomia, 4in, Jitterbug
Peperomia, 4in, Jitterbug
Peperomia, 4in, Jitterbug
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Peperomia, 4in, Jitterbug

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The Peperomia Jitterbug belongs to a wonderful genus of tropical plants native to Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. These hearty plants boast thick, fleshy leaves that contribute to their drought tolerance and vigor. It is slow-growing, can be planted all year long, and are low maintenance, making it excellent for beginners.

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Type: Tropical
Height: 6 in - 12 in
Spread: 6 in - 12 in
Light: Full or Partial Sun
Water: Moderate
Zone: 10 - 12
Pet Safe: Non Toxic


General Maintenance: The peperomia plant is a smart choice for beginner houseplant enthusiasts, as they are very forgiving plants that can tolerate some benign neglect.

Temperature:These plants should not be exposed to less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius. If your plant doesn't get an outdoor vacation in the summer, place it on a tray of pebbles and water to increase ambient humidity, or invest in a small-scale humidifier to place nearby.

Light: The Peperomia Jitterbug prefers medium to bright light. Insufficient light will result in fewer leaves, leaf drop, and drab coloration. Avoid direct sun rays.

Watering: These plants do not require frequent watering. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Keep it on the dryer side, as over watering will result in root rot.

Soil: The key to a thriving peperomia is choosing a soil blend that mimics these conditions-chunky, loose, and acidic. An orchid potting medium typically works well, but regular potting soil is fine too. You can always lighten it with a handful of peat moss or vermiculite.

Fertilizer:When it comes to fertilizing peperomia plants, less is more. Discoloured or dropping leaves are usually a sign of inadequate light or excessive watering, not poor nutrition. As a slow-growing epiphyte, the peperomia can go its entire life without supplemental fertilizer, getting what it needs from its planting media.
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