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Peperomia, 4in, Silver Frost

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The Peperomia Silver Frost has deep green leaves with a 'frosty' covering and distinctive dark green veins. It is beautiful as well as being low maintenance. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 4in - 8in
Spread: 4in - 8in
Zone: 10 - 12
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance: If stems and leaves begin to overgrow you can pinch the top of certain stems to stop their growth. As well you can prune and shape your plant to make it more visuallly appealing. The best method of propagation is by cutting off a section of stem tips and planting them in a new pot. 

Temperature: Prefers temperatures between 18º - 24º Celsius, and no lower than 15º.

Light: Bright light and for the variegated types of peperomia some direct sunlight (couple of hours) can help them grow well. If the leaves are dark green in color it's best not to provide direct sun as it will harm them, but the variegated types may lose variegation if enough light is not provided. South, east or west facing windows are best suited, but again dependent on the leaf color.

Watering: Allow the top of the soil to completely dry out and then water your plant thoroughly. Do not overwater or allow your plant to become waterlogged. During the winter, water more spaingly as the leaves will hold onto quite a bit of water. Will tolerate average house humidity, but it will appreciate a pebble tray filled with water underneath its pot during the summer months. 

Soil: A peat-based soil works best for these plants. An ideal mix is 2 parts peat to 1 part perlite or sand. Any well-aerated and well-draining mix should work well. 

Fertilizer: During spring, use a diluted liquid fertilizer once every two weeks. Feed once a month during summer and do not feed during autumn and winter.