Philodendron, 14in, Xanadu
Philodendron, 14in, Xanadu - Floral Acres Greenhouse & Garden Centre
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Philodendron, 14in, Xanadu - Floral Acres Greenhouse & Garden Centre

Philodendron, 14in, Xanadu

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Philodendron Xanadu is a large, compact, and easy to grow houseplant with large, leathery green leaves with many distinct lobes on each leaf. This plant becomes more and more beautiful as it grows and ages. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 24in - 48in in ideal conditions
Spread: 36in - 60in in ideal conditions
Zone: 10 -11
Pet Safe: This plant is toxic and should be kept out of reach from pets and children.


General Maintenance: When the plants roots begin to form a tight ball it is time to repot your plant. Typically the best time to repot is during the late winter or early summer, before new growth starts to develop. If you would like to propagate your plant, the best time to take stem tip cuttings is during the early spring or summer. This plant does not require pruning, but if it gets too large you can prune leaves by cutting them off at the base of their stem.

Temperature: Ideal temperatures for this plant indoors are between 16º - 24º Celsius. Temperatures outside of this range will stunt the growth of the plant. 

Light: When it comes to light conditions this plant is not picky. It prefers a bright space with filtered/indirect light, but will handle fairly low light conditions.

Watering: During the spring and summer make sure that the soil is kept consistently moist. During the winter you can allow the plant to dry out between watering. During the summer it is a good idea to regularly mist your plants. Leaves will begin to yellow if you overwater this plant. 

Soil: Any high quality, fast draining potting mix will work well. 

Fertilizer: Philodendron are a fast growing plant that can be fed monthly during the spring and summer with a basic houseplant food. During the winter, reduce feedings to once every two months.