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Philodendron, 6in, Birkin

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The Philodedron Birkin is a rare and very popular houseplant. This Philodendron variety has striking dark green foliage with a unique thin white and yellow variegation. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 10in - 12in
Spread: 12in - 14in
Zone: 9 - 11
Pet Safe: Mildly Toxic if ingested


General Maintenance: The best time to take stem tip cuttings is during spring or early summer. Place the stem in water or moist soil and they should root quite easily.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for this plant is between 16º 
- 24º Celsius. Temperatures above or below this range may cause the plants growth to slow down, or will potentially damage the foliage.

Light: This plant is capable of surviving varied lighting conditions. The ideal lighting conditions are a bright room, out of direct sunlight. Will tolerate lower light conditions. 

Watering: Keep the soil evenly moist during the spring and summer. During winter months, allow the soil to dry between watering. 

Soil: Any high quality, fast-draining potting mix will work well. 

Fertilizer: Use a basic houseplant food once a month during the spring and summer, especially if new leaves are growing. During the winter reduce the feedings to once every second month.