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Pineapple, 6in, Gold Elite

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Gold Elite Pineapple is a unique addition to your home, or patio space.  It grows considerably larger fruit compared to other available pineapple plants.  The leaves are a deep blue-green and very symmetrical.  From the centre of the plant arise up to 200 purple-red blooms.  The blooms eventually set berries, which join together to form the fruit. 



Type: Tropical 
Height: 12in - 36in
Spread: 36in - 48in
Zone: 9-11
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance:  Repot once a year in the spring, as growth will slow significantly if the plant becomes too rootbound.  

Temperature: Ideal temperatures are between 20-30°C. 

Light: This plant is most successful when given plenty of bright light, but it can tolerate some shade.  It can also be kept under a grow light in the winter months.

Watering: This plant is drought tolerant, but prefers to be kept evenly moist.

Soil:  Any well-draining potting mix will work well.  Avoid overly heavy/muddy soils.

Fertilizer: Fertilize every 3 weeks in the spring and summer with a general balanced fertilizer, or a citrus specific fertilizer.