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Podocarpus, 10in, Maki Bush

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Podocarpus Maki Bush (also known as Buddhist Pine) is a slow-growing bonsai type shrub.  It grows in an upright habit, with waxy dark green needles, arranged in spirals.  The needles give off a pleasant fragrance when crushed or bruised.



Type: Tropical 
Height: 36in - 72in
Spread: 12in-36in
Zone: 8-10
Pet Safe: Toxic to pets if ingested.


General Maintenance: Repot roughly once a year to a slightly larger pot, with fresh soil.  However, do not increase pot size too much, or growth with slow significantly.  Rotate pot every 1-2 weeks to encourage even growth on all sides.

Temperature: Podocarpus prefer cool temperatures between 10-24 ?.  They enjoy a medium humidity level, so if your home is quite dry you may want to add a humidifier or pebble tray. 

Light: Very bright indirect light is most ideal, but they can tolerate some direct sun, and even some shade.

Watering: Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy.  Allow the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings.

Soil: Well draining soil is essential to avoid potential root rot.

Fertilizer: Feed every two to three weeks during the spring and summer with a fertilizer suitable for acid-loving plants