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Schefflera, 6in, Arboricola Luseane

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The Schefflera Arboricola 'Luseane', or Dwarf Umbrella Plant, is an easy to take care of plant with glossy, bright green leaves. 


Type: Tropical 
Height: 24in - 36in
Spread: 24in - 36in
Zone: 9 - 11
Pet Safe: Toxic if ingested by children or pets


General Maintenance: This plant can easily be pruned to maintain its size and shape. 

Temperature: This plant will begin to lose its leaves if it is exposed to temperatures below 15° Celsius, or if exposed to sudden drafts or very dry heating vents. 

Light: Prefers bright light, and can handle a fair amount of direct sun. If your plant begins to get quite leggy it is probably not getting enough light. 

Watering: Keep soil consistently moist, and do not allow it to dry out between watering. Decrease watering during the winter months. 

Soil: Prefers an organically rich, well-draining soil. 

Feed your Schefflera once or twice a month with a liquid based fertilizer during the spring and summer. These are heavy feeder plants that will benefit from the nutrients.