Scindapsus, 4in, Argyraeus
Scindapsus, 4in, Argyraeus
Scindapsus, 4in, Argyraeus
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Scindapsus, 4in, Argyraeus

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The Satin Pothos is a striking tropical plant that is fairly new to house plant nurseries, and is garnering a lot of attention. And why wouldn't it when this plant boasts beautiful, dark green, heart shaped leaves, splashed with silvery grey, giving them a satin sheen. It is easy to grow, making it a delight to both beginners and experienced gardeners.

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Type: Tropical
Height: Trails up to 3 feet
Spread: Varies
Light: Bright, Indirect Light
Water: Moderate to Low
Zone: 10 - 12
Pet Safe: Toxic


General Maintenance:Satin Pothos is just as easy to grow as its relative, golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum). Keep it warm and take care not to overwater this house plant. Cold drafts and soggy soil are two things it won't tolerate. This is a trailing plant, but you can cut the stems back to any length, if you want a smaller house plant.

Temperature:Average to warm, 18 - 29 degrees Celsius. Do not expose the Satin Pothos to temperatures below 16 degrees!

Light:This plant needs bright, indirect sunlight year round. Do not place directly in the sun, however, as its leaves will scorch.

Watering: Water thoroughly, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Keep soil barely moist during winter. Yellow leaves are a symptom of overwatering. Always use room-temperature water when watering houseplants an provide good drainage.

Soil: An all purpose potting mix will suit this plant well.

Fertilizer: Feed monthly spring through fall with a 20-10-10 water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half.
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