Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba
Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba
Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba

Sundew, 3.5in, Cape, Alba

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The Sundew Cape is a carnivorous plant that have sticky pads that trap insects. These plants are very attractive and are a unique plant to add to your collection.

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Type: Carnivorous, Tropical, Houseplant
Height: 4 in - 10 in
Spread: 4 in - 10 in
Light: Full to Partial Sun / Bright to Partial Bright Light
Water: Moderate with purified water
Zone: 11 - 13
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic


General Maintenance: Be careful with your sundew, they are sensitive to rough touch. Feed with a few live or dead insects once every couple of weeks. The plants can only close a small number of times before they will die off and the plant will produce more leaves and traps.

Temperature: 15 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, do not let them freeze, they will go black and die, the root system and rhimozone will produce more traps

Light: These plants will thrive outdoors in the warm season in full sun. Bring indoors for a dormancy period. Bright indirect light will work as well, but they are best suited to outdoor locations

Watering: Water only with the purest water you have available. Rainwater or reverse osmosis water are best. If using bottled water, make sure there is no salt. If using tap water, allow to sit for a minimum of 24 hours to evaporate any chlorine and sterilizing agents.

Soil: Open, wet and boggy, but can tolerate more sandy soil. Main thing with any carnivorous plant is to give them the poorest soil possible. They will thrive in a mixture of pebbles and peat moss. Too rich of soil will cause

Fertilizer: To fertilize any carnivorous plant, you feed them insects. With sundews, place a live insect inside the traps and brush against the trigger hares on the inside of the trap. You generally don't want to feed them dead bugs, because without a struggling insect inside, the trap will not seal and digest the insect. DO NOT FERTILIZE THE SOIL this will cause chemical burns and kill your plant.
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