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Venus Flytrap, 2.5in, Green Dente

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Dionaea muscipula ‘Dente is a carnivorous Venus Fly-Trap plant that displays upright, deep green stems and green traps with shark-like teeth and reddish interiors. The bi-lobed leaf traps snap shut when the short, stiff hairs are touched.


Type: Tropical  
Height: 2in - 6in
Spread: 6in - 12in
Zone: 7 - 10
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic 


General Maintenance: These plants can be propagated by splitting, or from seeds which takes much longer. You can repot at any time other than their dormancy period. Do your best to not disturb the leaf blades as much as possible. 

Temperature: These plants prefer temperatures between 15° - 32° Celsius in the summer. During the winter this plant will enter a dormancy period, and can handle temperatures as low as -1°C for short periods of time.  

Light: These plants really enjoy getting some sunlight, and would prefer about 12 hours of sunlight a day with 4 of those being direct sunlight. 

Watering: Keep soil moist at all times, but not waterlogged. They are best watered through a bottom watering systems such as a watering tray, Ensure that your water is distilled, as some of the chemicals in tap water can be toxic to the root systems. Normal household humidity is fine for these plants, but if the area they are in is particularly dry you may want to consider a humidifier. 

Soil: This plant needs a nutrient poor soil. For best growing conditions use a 1:1 mix of peat moss and long fibre sphagnum moss or a similar mix. 

Fertilizer: Do not use fertilizer as it will rot your root systems.